Originale Batteri HB554666RAW 1780mAh For Huawei 4G Lte WIFI Router E5372 E5373 E5375 EC5377 E5330 Udskiftning af batteriet

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100% Original Battery HB554666RAW 1780mAh For Huawei 4G Lte WIFI Router E5372 E5373 E5375 EC5377 E5330 Replacement Phone battery

Product Info

Brand : For Huawei

Product attributes : 100% Original Genuine

Battery Model : HB554666RAW

Battery capacity : 1780mAh

Compatible with : For Huawei E5372 E5373 E5375 EC5377 E5330 4G Lte WIFI Router

Battery Country of Origin : China

Product Display

Package includes:

Original battery

Please Note: 1, The battery must be fully recharged before use. 2, A temporary short capacity of new battery will be resulted from not used for a long time, it is normal, the total capacity will be reinstated via used for 3-5 times. 3, New battery When first get the battery, use it out, charge for 5 hours for the first three times, use it out again, then it only need to charge about 5 hours for normal use. 4, Do not use inferior charger to recharge this battery in case of damaging the battery. 5, Do not disassemble or change the structure of the battery. 6, Do not put the battery in the charger too long. 7, Do not expose the battery to moisture and water, do not put it in high temperature environment. 8, Do not impact the battery. 9, Put it beyond the reach of children. 10. The best storage temperature is 20°C--5°C

Mærke Huawei
Model-Nummer HB554666RAW
Certificering Af Kvalitet ce
Oprindelse KN(Oprindelse)
Kompatible Mærker Huawei
Original eller Ikke Original
Batteri Kapacitet(mAh) 1301mAh-1800mAh

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